Monday, November 3, 2008

Traveling and trick-or-treating

Well we traveled quite a bit this weekend...we left after G's fall fest on Friday and headed to Dallas. We stopped somewhere outside Houston once it got dark to trick-or-treat....this was G's first time trick-or-treating and he had so much fun. He was so polite to everyone and after leaving each house he'd look at his pumpkin and say "wow mom, we have a lot of treats!" He doesn't eat candy so me and M enjoyed most of it on the drive to Dallas.

We went to my best friends engagement party Saturday night and watched the game....GO RED RAIDERS!!! M was NOT happy about the Longhorns loss. I really didn't care either way. My best friend is getting married Sept. 19th almost 2 months before me....I'm glad she's first so I can get some ideas about planning and such. She showed me our bridesmaid dresses and they are gorgeous!

Sunday morning we headed to Canton and stopped and visited with Aunt Moni, Uncle Clyde, Gi Gi and Pops. G had fun riding the golf cart (he hit every bunp in the yard). Then we left for Tyler and stopped to see Grandma at the hospital. G helped her make her milkshake and she shared "banilla" ice cream with him. Finally...headed home to Houston...M & G both slept and of course mommy drove. We're glad to be home!

Bevo (our new puppy) was full of steam and ready to play when we got there...we will definitely take him next time.

I promise to get pictures up once I can find the cord to my camera :)

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