Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soccer game and Rocket's game

Grayson had his first soccer game on Saturday and he was so cute! It was really funny watching ten 3 yr olds run around chasing the ball...then the occasional kid in the back sucking his thumb. He was worn out by half-time and took a wonderful nap when we got home. We have our 2nd game in the morning : )

Later that night we went to the Rocket's game for Marcus' birthday. Grayson cheered with the crowd and yelled DEFENSE, DEFENSE!! He had so much fun but wanted to go lower and see the bear "Clutch". Maybe next time we can get closer seats.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our new puppy!

This is Bevo! Marcus and I wanted to name him Ike after the hurricane but Grayson was determined to name him Bevo. He is really sweet but likes to chew EVERYTHING!! I have found all kinds of stuff in his mouth (chalk, socks, paper, plastic, lint...he LOVES to eat lint!). He will definitely be in obedience school in a couple months : )

Grayson loves to love on him and get in his kennel with him. I have to pry him away to let the poor puppy rest.

Helping Daddy

Grayson is quite the helper these days and he's very good at it. He refused to put pants and shoes on though and absolutely loved the water hose. It's so nice living in a house where we can actually do things like this!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally found the cord!

This was our first stop on Halloween...he got tired after each house, but was really fascinated by all the decorations everyone had.

Grayson was a black cat but took off all his costume once the parade was I never got a full costume picture. Oh, well. He really enjoyed painting at the fall'll notice he's painting the table...little stinker.

Then the last picture is my favorite "Bed Head." He looks just like his daddy when he sleeps : )

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a historic moment!

I am so honored and blessed to be part of this historic moment in American history. I honestly believe our new president WILL bring the change our country needs and I look forward to watching my son grow up in a better time.

Both speeches were truly amazing and had me in tears. I only wish his mother would have been able to witness her son claiming victory.

I will continue to pray for our country and for our President!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Traveling and trick-or-treating

Well we traveled quite a bit this weekend...we left after G's fall fest on Friday and headed to Dallas. We stopped somewhere outside Houston once it got dark to trick-or-treat....this was G's first time trick-or-treating and he had so much fun. He was so polite to everyone and after leaving each house he'd look at his pumpkin and say "wow mom, we have a lot of treats!" He doesn't eat candy so me and M enjoyed most of it on the drive to Dallas.

We went to my best friends engagement party Saturday night and watched the game....GO RED RAIDERS!!! M was NOT happy about the Longhorns loss. I really didn't care either way. My best friend is getting married Sept. 19th almost 2 months before me....I'm glad she's first so I can get some ideas about planning and such. She showed me our bridesmaid dresses and they are gorgeous!

Sunday morning we headed to Canton and stopped and visited with Aunt Moni, Uncle Clyde, Gi Gi and Pops. G had fun riding the golf cart (he hit every bunp in the yard). Then we left for Tyler and stopped to see Grandma at the hospital. G helped her make her milkshake and she shared "banilla" ice cream with him. Finally...headed home to Houston...M & G both slept and of course mommy drove. We're glad to be home!

Bevo (our new puppy) was full of steam and ready to play when we got there...we will definitely take him next time.

I promise to get pictures up once I can find the cord to my camera :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ok...I finally created my very own BLOG!

I hope I can get the swing of things and keep up. Today is Halloween and Grayson chose to be a Black Cat. I made his ears and tail and he looks so cute. He has his fall festival at school today and I will post pictures once we get home on Sunday.